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People Club News and Information


PCNI Arlington TX Branch held a very smooth election on July 13th 2013. Some officers were re-elected while some new officers were elected for the first time. It was a very clean and transparent exercise in democracy as all rules were followed. See the New officers.


In an emotional night, PCNI Arlington TX Branch members came out en masse for the wake keeping of Mrs Cheryl Mbah. Mrs Cheryl Mbah passed on two weeks earlier in a Plano hospital after a brief illness. The hall was filled with members of PCNI Arlington who dressed in black to the occasion. The Night ended with a great performance by the members and the a check for $15,000s given to Mr Mbah as part of the benefit for membership. May the soul of Cheryl rest in peace. View some pictures

What is peoples Club?
Peoples Club is an exclusive, elite social club of the most distinguished and eminent Nigerians who appreciate the finer things in life.

Membership gives one the opportunity to expand one's social circle and network with like-minded people in a relaxed, entertaining environment.

PCNI Arlington is a very special branch of Peoples Club. We are non-profit, non-political and non-partisan. Our Membership have resolved to go back to the founding principles of People Club of Nigeria. Our goal is to offer our members comfortable environment where they will grow and prosper socially. Our affairs are devoid of politics and personal acrimony or animosity.

Our membership is made up of reputable, honorable people who have achieved success in their chosen fields and are unapologetic about celebrating their prosperity, in a congenial environment and in the spirit of unity, love & fraternity.
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